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Engaging Literacy

September 20, 2013

This week we have been working on story plots.  We started with the question:

 What is the plot of a story?


 A few students sort of had the idea but mostly everyone was not quite sure.  Then we broke down the plot of The Three Little Pigs.  The students told me what happened in the story.  We wrote the plot down into different steps.

 I introduced stop motion videoing to the students with this app.  I also showed them this video from my kindergarten students last year.

 From there they formed groups and started to create a story/plot of their own.  Each group developed a simple story and wrote a script with the plot.


After they created their script, they began creating characters and a setting.  Some students sketched out their setting before actually deciding on what to do.


 They shared their scripts.


They worked through snack (their choice) and began building their set.



Here are the videos and plots.   (They typed this and proofread their work.)

 The Three Little Pigs go Sailing

1.  The three little pigs are on boat.

2.  The three little pigs are reading the book, The Three Little Pigs.

3.  The pigs are on a hammock.

4.  The wolf is in the water.

5.  The wolf sees the boat.

6.  He puts his hand out and tries to stop the boat .

7.  But the wolf cant stop the boat and the wolf falls of the boat.

A raccoon tries to get into a house to get food and gets stuck in the cat door. (plot)

1.  raccoon smells food

2.raccoon finds cat door

3.raccoon walks to cat door

4.raccoon pokes his head in cat door

5. raccoon gets stuck in cat door

6. a man hits the raccoon   the end.

Plot: A bear doing a back flip.

1 The bear walks to the a party.

2 stared to dace.

3 he dose a back flip.

4 walks a way.

5 he lives happily ever after.

The Football Game with the Mean Coach

1.  The coach quits.

2.  The football players go to practice before the game.

3.  Then the new mean coach comes.

4.  The the mean coach gives them a potion.

5.  Finally the nice coach returns and they win the game.

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