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Universal Design by the Numbers

June 27, 2012


I strive to create a learning environment where each of my students feel encouraged to drive their own learning. This last year, I gave up the keys to the car so that my students could experience a more authentic education. My main goal each year is to meet the needs of each of my students. Their voice is pivotal to me being able to help them learn the way they need to learn. I listen. I am never satisfied with myself but I am working hard to be a better educator. At the end of this last year, I gave my students a Google Form to complete. The basis of the form was to see how much they enjoyed having the keys to the car. Here is the results.  (For the scaled questions 1 was the least while 5 was the most.)  The link above takes you to the results.  Here are a few highlights.

All of my students made at least 2 lessons for the class this year.  100% of the students stated that they enjoyed presenting in front of the class.  This is a telling statistic that speaks loudly to students wanting to share!  63% of my students enjoyed their independent research project because they were able to pick their own topic.   83% of the students enjoyed working together to build a lesson for the class while 17% did not.  This is important.  I try to let students collaborate when they want and also work alone when they want.  It is key for them to have that choice.

I am going to look over this again at the start of next year.  It gives me hope but also helps me see how to make a more universally designed classroom.

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  1. July 13, 2012 10:06 pm

    Excellent blog Michael. Take a look at ours in your own time.

    Ira Socol thinks our schools could collaborate on something in the future.

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